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The Future of Biological Fuel Cells - President Bush along with his other top advisers in science have been promising a technological breakthrough in science long alternative energies in since the president has made this part of his speeches in the last three months do you realize tha.

Controlling Insects With Sound Waves - Can we control insects with sound waves? Can we stop or control Locust Plagues and swarms? How about using high-frequency emitters to prevent them from doing destruction? Has anything like this ever been done before? There are currently some proje.

Abandoned Backpack Alert System for Transportation Assets - We need artificially intelligent video surveillance systems, which can spot and detect packages, which are left unattended at airports, train stations and on buses.

Want a University of Phoenix Online MBA Degree Now What - You have researched all of the MBA Online Degree Programs available and have decided that the University of Phoenix is the right choice for you.

Taking Out a Swarm With a Directional Sound Wave - Can we take out a swarm of insects with a directional sound wave? Can we cause the wings to shatter like a wine glass with powerful sound waves? Well this is one idea which has been shot down now in an online think tank.

Has Anyone Seen My Twenties - Premature aging is spreading across the UK and is particularly prevalent amongst recent graduates in the UK who, upon leaving university, are plunged straight into fears about the property ladder, pensions and paying off their student debts.

Emotional Development and Self Esteem in Children - Emotional and Social Development Many theorists have suggested the emotional development of a child, or the core of one's self esteem needs to be understood and fostered at home and in the classroom.

Is Affirmative Action In Jeopardy On College Campuses - Affirmative action and other set-asides for minorities and women have come under increasing fire in recent years.

Humans are Idiots - Many humans will defend the human race and their ability to over come and adapt to nearly any crisis.

The Academic Elite - ?A group of eight old, distinguished colleges and universities in the East, known for their ivy-covered brick buildings.

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