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Tips for Finding a College Match
How can your child find colleges that match his needs? First, he should identify his priorities. Next, he should carefully research the characteristics of a range of schools. Finally, match the two. Here are some college characteristics to consider. Read more

Selecting a College
There are many choices when it comes to study after high school. Students should consider the differences between a two-year community college a large public university, and a small private University. There are benefits associated with every college option. Students should also consider many different factors in this decision including geographic area, location, campus diversity, size of the institution, professional goals, and financial cost. Read more

Should Your Child Take a Year Off?
You want to do what? When most parents get the news their kid doesn't want to head straight to college, they're upset. The thought raises fears such as that their child may never get an advanced degree so crucial to success. In fact, experts say teenagers who take time off do go on to college -- and they're usually better, more motivated students for it. Read more

What Selectivity Means for Your Child
Understanding Admission Factors. College admission officers across most of the nation report the same news: The number of applicants is rising, making admission more competitive. Read more

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