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Taking Out a Swarm With a Directional Sound Wave

Can we take out a swarm of insects with a directional sound wave? Can we cause the wings to shatter like a wine glass with powerful sound waves? Well this is one idea which has been shot down now in an online think tank. The concept was sent to a professional engineer who confirmed that it probably is not feasible.Previously I had thought that the wings on insects bend a lot and probably wound not be able to be latterly ripped by a sound wave. However one researchers contacted a professional engineer friend of his and then reported back the think tank the obvious;."I sent the story to a professional engineer friend of mine and he says the wings are so flexible that spending time trying to degrade them or crack the drum head part of the wing with sound wave seems a distant pursuit, given the other concept with which to meditate.".

I say to that Obviously and I told you so. Now if you are trying to impress me with "professional engineers" I will have none of that, because this is such a blatantly obvious answer to a question, I say "No shit Sherlock!" For anyone to impress me, well let's just say they will have to be not just a professional engineer, because to me that is like a professional lawyer, professional politician or professional scum scraper at the sewer treatment plant.Glad we got that out of the way. "Professional Engineer?" Yah and these professional engineers are why nothing I ever buy ever works? Professional engineers. I think we ought to hold these professional engineers accountable for the crap they produce and design. So, what does professional mean, they wear a tie to work to impress superiors? Please spare me the BS.

I TOLD YOU SO.There are very few super non-linear thinking engineers out there and if they insist on being called professional run, don't walk.Now then there are other methods to cut down a swarm, such as THEL laser or a portable THEL or a rapid-fire system. Putting a round every square inch or a round, which gets in with the swarm and circulates within it and spills gas that chokes them; or corrosive and causes immediate pain. Many other possibilities if you choose to depart from sound. But for steering them, I like sound the best and that was my original comments prior to your inquiry on locust plagues.

Steer them, but do not try to kill them. And as far as bees go, we need them, because we have butterfly issues and need the pollination more than the very few incidents they actually are causing for people. Perhaps education is smarter in that case, educate people not to piss them off. Mosquitoes, that is a whole other story, we need them to limit their populations. Let's consider all this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.


By: Lance Winslow

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