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Want a University of Phoenix Online MBA Degree Now What

You have researched all of the MBA Online Degree Programs available and have decided that the University of Phoenix is the right choice for you. Now what should you do so that you can begin earning that MBA degree?.If you haven't already done so: it is recommended that you request more information about the MBA Degree Program offered by the University of Phoenix by submitting a "request more information" form (found on their website.

) Your request will be followed-up with a phone call to you by an education counselor from the UOP Online student services department. This counselor will discuss your educational and career goals with you, including education that you may have already completed. He or she will use the information you provide to assist you in deciding what courses you will need to complete your MBA degree.Your education counselor will also help you with registering to become a student at The University of Phoenix Online Campus. Your counselor will aid you in requesting your educational transcripts from other educational institutions, and they are more than happy to assist you with filling out financial Aid forms if you are in need of financial assistance to cover the costs of tuition.

The commitment to the student doesn't stop with registration, college transcripts, and help with financial aid forms. Every member of the University of Phoenix team is quite knowledgeable about every aspect of the campus and its online programs, and they are a great source of information, and guidance for the new student.After you become a registered student and have all of your financial aid forms filled out, you will be given your own pin-protected student page. As a MBA degree student at University of Phoenix Online you will be using this page quite often. Your student page contains reports that you can refer to and print out such as a schedule of all of the classes you need to complete your MBA through UOP online. You can stay on top of upcoming scheduled classes, order the books you will need, track your grades, and tuition payments, and obtain progress reports from your professors.

You will find links to the online classroom, and the UOP Library: which contains a wealth of research databases for you to use to complete the various assignments you will be given in your coursework. Further your student page has a link to the student success center: visit the center for career advice and practice skill tests in your area of study. You can also find tutoring help here if you are having difficulty with a particular subject.

This and much more is available to you in your student page.Everything that is made available to you as a student of the University of Phoenix Online MBA Degree Program: the counselors, the student success center, your instructors, and your student page, are all designed to help you in successfully reaching your educational goals.

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By: Mansi Aggarwal

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