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The Future of Biological Fuel Cells

President Bush along with his other top advisers in science have been promising a technological breakthrough in science long alternative energies in since the president has made this part of his speeches in the last three months do you realize that the research and development community, has been pushing themselves to compete with each other to find that breakthrough?.Indeed you know since the president has made his speech and made it known that we are very close to breakthrough that there have been not only one but many breakthroughs. Not only the United States, but in several places around the world and the breakthroughs are being made right now in science for alternative energies are nothing short of spectacular. For instance let's take the recent breakthrough at the University of Oxford in biological fuel cells.The researchers there have developed an enzyme biological fuel cell that will take oxygen and hydrogen from the atmosphere and then use it to power up whatever you want.

For instance electrical devices, the laptop computer, field equipment or as Bill Gates might say; "What would you like powered up today?".With all the new alternative energy breakthroughs such as; clean coal technologies, super solar cells, biomass and sewage electron collection, advanced hybrid car batteries and new ways to make ethanol; we are well on our way to breaking our addiction to Middle Eastern oil forever. All it takes is a man with vision and the human spirit and there is nothing you cannot achieve. Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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