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World Religions for Bob

Are you a firm believer and a devout religious person? Do you pride your self above all else on your integrity, conduct and moral ethics? If so, I commend you and thank you for your contributions to society, civilization and the future of mankind. If not that's okay, because there are so many pretenders and hypocrites out there following so many different religions, that I have stopped counting years the prior.Regarding religion, well I have been studying the various religions all my life and it is interesting, I'll give you that, some very cool stories indeed. Additionally some of these cultures and our ancestors along the way have created some very intriguing off shoots of the various main religious following of past periods to bring us to today.

It is even more fascinating which versions of which cultural myths and stories have been incorporated into some of the more recent World Religious literature.Did man create God or did man in his time of self-doubt and weakness create a story of a God or Gods? Stories to answers such questions as; How did I get here? Who created all this anyway? Why am I here? What happens when I die? How will all this end and how on Earth did it all get here anyway?.For those in fear of these questions, they will believe any reasonable explanation that comes along or an unreasonable one as we see. So, did god create man or did man create god? Be honest with your answer. Do not simply draw from what you have been told.

Then you will see that it may not matter.In fact in the next few decades as we complete life extension, brain enhancement and cure most major diseases and/or start replacing our organic parts with implants, add on memory and bionic limbs; we may very well become our own Gods? Oh I see I am really scaring you now? Sorry, but it is the truth, as we will become our own god soon, by modifying ourselves. So in that case "We" would be god, either then or now. Or back in the future's past.

Depending on where you are standing in time and your relative place. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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