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Why an Accredited Online MBA Program is Worth So Much More

An accredited MBA diploma is your entry to a better life, job prospects, and a higher personal satisfaction level. Your MBA diploma prepares you for the work challenges. It also assures prospective employers that you have the educational qualifications and appropriate skills to handle senior managerial responsibilities.

In addition, your diploma from a reputable online MBA program makes you a valuable asset in the work place.And that's why it is certainly in your best interests to know what accreditation of online MBA programs means and why this is critical to your prospects for employment.Where can you get this valuable piece of information? First, access the US Department of Education official website. Although the Department does not conduct these evaluations, it works closely with the various accrediting agencies, on regional and national levels.

These accrediting agencies, in turn are the designated authorities who'll evaluate the quality of education found educational institutions.Are there online accrediting agencies? Yes, these accrediting agencies apply the same rigorous standards in evaluating whether an online university or college utilizes the proper teaching methods and materials. However, these standards have been modified to answer the particular differences of online educational programs.

Here's a 5-step guide you should use in researching whether the online MBA program you're planning to enroll is legitimately accredited.When you log on to this educational institution's homepage, check to see if they have advertised their professional membership in an accrediting agency.Next ? double check by going to the accrediting agency's website. Then access their membership list of accredited schools to see if this educational institution is listed .

Thirdly, check out the U.S. Department of Education database of Postsecondary Educational Institutions and Programs, to see if the accredited agency is listed.

A fourth source of information the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) website. This is a nongovernmental higher education organization that examines the all the accrediting agencies.Fifth ? conduct research on their faculty. You can access the school's website and obtain a listing of the faculty.

Take time to read up on their professional resumes, and credentials. Are their educational backgrounds and expertise in line with the courses they are teaching?.Make no mistake about this; you must take the initiative in ensuring you graduate from an accredited online MBA program.

Alternatively, you will suffer some serious consequences later on.The first less serious consequence you'd get from enrolling in an unaccredited online MBA program is when you change schools and transfer the credits earned. You won't be able to transfer those earned credits. This means, you have lost a considerable amount of money, time, and resources down the drain.

But by far the worse consequence? You'll get from graduating from an unaccredited online MBA program, is the serious loss of your present job, future work opportunities, and professional credibility, and the real possibility of jail time.All because you did not tame the time to educate yourself on selecting an accredited online MBA program.There is great value in graduating from an accredited online MBA program and immeasurable losses if the online MBA program is unaccredited.

.Mansi aggarwal recommends that you visit http://www.

ombag.net/2005/12/make_sure_to_ch.html for more information on accredited online MBA program.

By: Mansi Aggarwal

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