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What does free really mean

Ever wonder about all the free stuff you see on the internet? It seems like everyone wants to give something away. But are these items really free? If so, how can these companies afford to give away all of these coupons and samples? ItÂ's really all about you, the consumer.

We live in a very competitive world market place.

The internet has upped the ante in terms of who can be seen and heard through all of the mass media. Now companies have to make a lot of noise and this is one way that can do it.

What do you think you are worth as a consumer to someone that sells toothpaste? Well, think about it. How many tubes of toothpaste will you use in your lifetime? Lots and these companies also know that brand loyalty is the name of the game. Chances are if you buy their toothpaste you are going to buy other products that they sell.

So letÂ's say you are worth a few thousand dollars in profit to these companies over your life time.

No small change if you multiply that by millions of consumers. Additionally, other members of your household are likely to be influenced by your choices creating other lifetime consumers. DoesnÂ't it make sense that they would give a little back to insure your loyalty and future worth to them?

Why do you think women are such a sought after consumer? These companies know that it is the women in the family, especially mothers, that will make the vast majority of the consumer brand buying choices and have the potential to create multiple life time consumers for these companies. Chances are you are still using the same toothpaste you grew up using!

Now you can find just about anything you want for free on the internet. Some sites, such as http://www.KookyPooky.

com present everything from free information on all sorts of topics to free trials of well known products. YouÂ'll find just about anything you can imagine on this free site!

So the next time you clip that coupon remember that you are the prize in a gigantic contest. These companies want you and they are very willing to make the investment to win you!.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


KP is a webmaster of www.kookypooky.com, a site with vast listings of free stuff easily obtained online. .

By: KP

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