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Vacuum Cleaners Should You Get An Upright Or Canister

One thing is for certain about vacuum cleaners and that is that we would prefer to ignore them until they break or need routine maintenance. Nevertheless, nearly everyone owns one or more, and when they break, feel it's a real inconvenience having to get them fixed. And, once they wear out, we're faced with a confusing array of choices. If this describes your situation, you might find it useful to review a whole host of vacuum cleaners and you won't find better deals for vacuum cleaners online than on eBay. This is especially true if all you can afford is a used vacuum.

On eBay, you'll come across some incredible bargains. You can even find the sought after Oreck Vacuum Cleaner or the Kirby Vacuum cleaner on eBay. The latter is sold mainly door to door, but they do find their way onto eBay, and they are really a high quality vacuum. Feel free to explore some eBay resources that are identified at the end of this article. Should it be Upright or Canister? Both canister and upright vacuum cleaners, as you might expect, each have their advantages and disadvantages.

A Few Upright Pluses: Large areas of carpet and hallways are easier to clean with an upright vacuum cleaner. If the unit uses a bag, uprights have larger bags and need fewer bag changes. And Today, the vast majority of upright vacuum cleaner models are sold with a flexible hose attachment for greater cleaning changeability. A Few Upright Minuses: Stiff, short hoses are packaged with most upright cleaners so that using them often is a clumsy proposition. It is more difficult to clean around furniture legs and in hard to reach areas with an upright vacuum. If you suffer from allergies, uprights are not the best choice.

A Few Canister Pluses: With a canister vacuum cleaner, a long, flexible hose provides much greater versatility. If you're a clean freak, you'd better get a canister unit, because generally it will come with many more cleaning attachments. The canister vacuum is more suitable for people with allergies, since many are available with hepa sealed systems. A Few Canister Minuses: Pulling a canister vacuum cleaner behind you can often feel ungainly.

Canisters sometimes have to be lifted over thresholds. You may need to change floor brushes when moving from carpet to bare floor. Allergy Sufferers and Vacuum Cleaners: When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, you pay attention to the information provided about the vacuum. Be sure that the unit is a true "HEPA" vacuum and not described as a "HEPA-like" vacuum cleaner. If your allergies or asthma is very severe, you may want to step up to a true HEPA vacuum, even though it will generally cost you a bit more. This is one area where you need to take some care to be certain you're getting what you really want and need.

A little damage to your pocketbook can pay off handsomely in greater comfort over the years you'll be using the machine. The bottom line is that you'll be better off if you take some time to investigate rather than buying the first vacuum cleaner that comes to your attention. After all, when you think about it, a vacuum is really a long term investment.

You're going to live with it for a while.

You'll find some very affordable vacuum cleaner buys on eBay by visiting these resources: New and Used Vacuum Cleaners, Bags, Hoses & More, Shop for Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Online and Find New and Used Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners.

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