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Using Meditation to fight Stress

Using Meditation Everyone is looking for a way to still their thoughts, shed their worries, and attain mental peace. That is the purpose of meditation! You may not be different however your main concern should be to get rid of your stress just described and unnecessary worries so that you can divert your all energies towards studies and do much better for your self. All meditation techniques involve teaching you how to detach from the thoughts and impulses in your head (and in your body) that normally bothers and distracts you. When you learn how to detach from thoughts and separate from their distracting pull on you, those wandering thoughts in turn will naturally die down. Awareness: The very first step to this process is awareness, and you cultivate awareness by watching your thoughts and your mind. You cultivate awareness through meditation.

Awareness of thoughts without giving them energy eventually causes the on-going mental chatter of ours to have its volume turned down to where you reach a mental state of cessation, or stopping, which is a clean mental realm absent of thoughts and can be considered as second step of meditation process. When thoughts are not there, they do not impel you, and this is the first natural consequence of the practice of meditation. After you learn mental stopping and actually start achieving it, then you can achieve a degree of somewhat stable mental stillness. This stillness will be an ever-present quietness accompanying all you do because your mental calm is becoming deeper and ever-present. Achieving stillness is therefore the third step of the meditative process. If you keep cultivating this stillness through meditation, it will expand so that you achieve the Fourth step of the path, which is a state of true peacefulness.

Actually, this stage of natural energy transformation refers to a state of body-mind cultivation wherein there is constant physical renewal since your mental realm is all quiet, your physical energies are all active, and they are transforming your body. Since these physical transformations happen simultaneously with the cultivation of deep mental peace, or quiet, and it is the fifth stage of the meditation path. This is what many people are after, but it is still only an incomplete result of meditation. After attaining these achievements of meditation practice you then reach the sixth stage, which is where your natural wisdom comes out in all situations and you attain "right knowing." Your mind is always disciplined and quiet, and you can understand things naturally and effortlessly know the right course of action and how to react properly for all situations.

You are always disciplined in right discipline, and your behavioral responses to any circumstances are always correct. After attaining wisdom, you could finally achieve the seventh step of meditation practice, which is attainment. Your mental realm will so open up that you will be able to obtain or do or achieve whatever you set your mind out to do. You will be able to achieve any goal you desire in the world but most of all; you will become able to fathom the true nature of your mind.

Because you play with your thoughts all day, you are always interfering with your body's normal circulation of energies but you just do not know it. That is why sleeping leaves you refreshed. During vacation breaks helps you look refreshed, too. Let go of your thoughts and concerns for a while and your natural vital energies will circulate and refresh your body.

What you want is an effortless mind, a mind free of attachment and clinging but the habit of mental attachment is so ingrained that you do it all the time, and cover over your true mind's nature, that you do not notice it or the effort you put into keeping it. The Actual Steps Of Meditation For details please visit http://www.lulu.com/content/207853 http://www.

lulu.com/content/206787 http://www.lulu.com/anilkumar .

By: Anil Kumar

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