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Tips For Staying SelfMotivated

Tips For Staying Self-Motivated Following are some useful tips Do not be afraid of likely mistakes, which you may commit. Wisdom helps us avoid making mistakes and wisdom comes from making mistakes, but do not work assuming that you will commit mistakes. Put in your 100% in what ever you do and then if you fail it will be ok. Do not ever start a work assuming that you are likely to fail, if you do so you are ensuring that you fail because in that case you will not put in your best. Your subconscious mind does not let you put in your best in such case, over which you have little control.

Choose to be happy. Happy people are easily motivated. Happiness is your birthright so do not settle for anything less. It is amazing that all the senses work much more efficiently in happy people. Happiness also depends on your attitude in life as already discussed previously. Adopt a positive attitude that is bound to give you happy state of mind and thus will keep you motivated to a great extent.

You will be amazed to know that people, who stay in groups, are normally much more happier compared to people who have tendency to stay aloof. So join a group or form a group of like minded persons. For students it will give handsome dividends, which we will discuss in later.

Spend at least one hour a day in self-development. Read good books or listen to inspiring tapes. Driving to and from college/Institute provides an excellent opportunity to listen to self-improvement tapes. It will boost up your self-confidence, morale and will help you to achieve better concentration. Train yourself to finish what you start. So many of us become scattered as we try to accomplish a task.

Finish one task before you begin another. This applies very well to studies too. Live fully in the present moment. When you live in the past or the future you are not able to make things happen in the present. Just remember you live in present only as when tomorrow comes it becomes today.

It is only today that you ever live in. Do not leave things for tomorrow what you can finish today. You will save lot of valuable time in the bargain. Commit yourself to joy. C.

S. Lewis once said, "Joy is the serious business of heaven." Look some thing good in every thing you come across to. Joy is a state of mind and a relative thing. It has nothing to do with what you have in hand. A boy with 60 % result could be very joyous who has been scoring 55% previously while another with 80% may not be because he had been scoring 90% in past.

It is all in your mind so have a suitable state of mind to give you joy. Learn to be joyous even in small bits and pieces Never quit when you experience a setback or frustration. Success could be just around the corner, however you could wait at times to get a little breathing space.

Do not indulge in self-limiting thinking. Think empowering, expansive thoughts. Your potential is what you think it to be, so why limit yourself in any way. If you think you cannot do a particular thing then you can never do it, as probably you will not attempt to do it.

Had you attempted it probably you could do it or chances of success will be there. By not attempting it you are ensuring 100% failure. Dare to dream big dreams.

If there is anything to the law of expectation then we are moving in the direction of our dreams, goals and expectations. If you have been scoring very low in examinations, think and dream about better results to be achieved this will go in your subconscious mind as already discussed and will prepare you for the big jump. Plan your studies and stay focused all the time. Be willing to leave your comfort zone. The greatest barrier to achieving your potential is your comfort zone. Great things happen when you make friends with your discomfort zone.

It is not necessary that you have to have a table with heater on in winters before you can sit down for studies. Millions of students around the world are not even having tables what to talk about heater in winters. Do not attach preconditions for studies and you will find your horizon expanding. You will be able to study in all kinds of environments sooner than later.

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By: Anil Kumar

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