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The Year We Find Life on Mars

In 2005 we had many new discoveries from our Martian Probes and Rovers. We found rocks, which appear to have dead remains of organic life. We have found areas with water ice in places we did not expect to find it. We found areas, which appear to have been burps or dejected material from inside the planet that could be recent.

We discovered that there are dust devils or swirling tornado like winds full of energy.There appears to be enough on the surface to support some form of complex life although we have not found any. So where is it? Does it live under the surface in caves or underground ground water? We know there are microbes living on Mars and there are the fixings for complex life, the next step will be to look deeper and in the Polar Ice cap to see if we can find that life. As scientists study in deep sea submersibles, underwater caves, under the ice caps and in and near volcanic vents on Earth they are finding easier ways to detect microbial life that we have not looked for previously.When we find this microbial life all over the surface of Mars and under its surface in volcanic lava tubes, caves, underground aquifers, we will most definitely find more complex life feeding off of it and completely content serving its natural place in that ecosystem.

In 2006 we will announce the discovery of life on Mars, not microbial life, but complex life forms. This will be bothersome to many a human individuals belief system, but like discovering that the Earth was round and that it is not the center of the Universe all good myths and arrogant explanations of what is, will change. Mankind will deal with this and move forward and it will all be forgotten; the premise that life only exists on Earth; by those who so blindly accept such non-sense. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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