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The basic notions that are very important in buildingaerodynamics

Copyright 2006 Jason Bibb Racing car aerodynamics The basic notions that are very important in building aerodynamic cars are those that the vehicle has to be very light, having a certain shape to cut the air and improve grip. All these techniques in building aerodynamically balanced cars can be found in the construction of racing cars. In producing such a light car, some of the body parts are made from carbon fiber, especially those in the front wing.

The wing will produce a down force because of its design, offering the car a good grip on the road. Racing car aerodynamics are among the first concerns of any racing car builder. The shape of the car helps it use the air, so the car will stick to the ground at a high speed and even use the air to push the car in front - finding the perfect combination is not an easy task for the engineers. A simple mistake in the measurements of the car components could lead to accidents and driver injuries. Building an aerodynamics car There are some components of the car's body that are very important in creating the perfect aerodynamics for a particular vehicle.

The first one would be the wing that we were talking about earlier. Another part is represented by the turning vanes, which will redirect the turbulent flow from the wheels and front wing. The wheels are the biggest problem in creating the perfect racing car aerodynamic system.

The turbulence from the front wheels is reduced by the end plates, which will guide the air to the radiators and the side pods. The perfect shape in creating a racing car aerodynamics will be the shape of a flying bird. Because of the aerodynamics, the car will create forces that are pulling it to the ground, forces that will use the other car's air currents to gain a grater speed.

These forces generated by the air in combination with the racing car aerodynamics are very important when the car enters a curve, considering the high speed of the vehicle. The car has to stay on the ground and this is made possible by the car's aerodynamic shape. If we want the car to have a good grip on the road, the flow of air which is controlled by the shape of the car is important. However, the road on which the car competes has to be flat - in case that the road has bumps the car will loose the stability and the grip created by the aerodynamic system. .

By: Jason Bibb

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