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Ten Commandments of Winners

Every day is a struggle. No matter what authorized assigns from UNO say, every day is a fight that ends up with a glorious victory of one side and the shameful loss of the others. By struggle or fight we mean not only wars in Iraq, Israel and other countries that are constantly subjected to acts of violation and terrorism; we mean everyday things that also are worth fighting for. An average citizen of a mega polis knows how hard it is to fight one's way in this competitive world. Some individuals count days till their miraculous victory comes and then only feel that their mission is complete. Defeated ones do not get frustrated and live their lives knowing that they are destined to loose and be defeated.

Some people are bathing in the rays of fame after completing their writing doctoral dissertation has been completed successfully and some always stay in the shade as assistants and never complaint on the unfair fate that made them stay unknown for the rest of their lives. There are winners and losers in this world, no matter what they are or who they are. It is quite easy to recognize winners; they are always outstanding from the crowd and possess natural magnetism and exude self-confidence and charm. Losers, on the contrary are very hard to determine and the reason is the denial of being a big time loser.

As psychiatrists say, "Admission is the first step towards being cured." That is true not only in psychology. Here are ten tatements, or otherwise commandments of those who are respectable winners and know that perfectly well. A winner has a busy life and always has time for anything else.

A loser has a free schedule but never makes anything on time. A winner focuses on the aim and goes straight through hardships is there are any; a loser is always distracted and seeks a way to get over a hardship without touching it. A winner blames himself in case of a loss though it was bad luck and attributes a victory to good luck even though it was a 100% effort. A loser blames a loss on bad luck, though it was only absence of effort, and attributes a victory to the effort when it was a 100% of good luck.

A winner never gets jealous of somebody's achievements and strives to work with people more experienced than he to get better himself, a loser is always jealous, hates better than him and seeks faults and errors in their work never improving himself, considering his skills perfect. A winner has friends and acquaintances that he loves to spend time with and ask for advice. A loser has friends but never is able to trust anybody, looking only for evil even in the lightest good. A winner never hurts a loser, though it would be fair to take revenge, a loser will wait for an opportune moment to stick a knife in someone's back considering this revenge. A winners sleeps with clear conscience and a hope for tomorrow; a loser spend a sleepless night seeing night mares about yesterday. After this short description of both types do not be afraid and consider every point and admit that you may be a loser or be proud of being a winner.

Do not forget about this truth you could know even before this article. Once the project has been completed, you should look through dissertation and thesis from start to finish. You still have time to become a winner or keep the position of a one. .

By: Chris Wells

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