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Reverse Calls for Emergencies

A rediscovered strategy for protecting against disasters is to use a massive calling system to warn people. It is a strategy called; Reverse 9-11 Calls for Emergencies. Luckily this is exempt from the Do Not Call Lists.If there is a train wreck leaves a toxic cloud, residents would be warned. If a pipeline ruptures or a levee breaks it might give residents enough time to get to higher ground.

In the future if an Earthquake gives off some type of Early Warning ultra low frequency wave, it might give the massive calling system time to call everyone within the area. The systems could be designed to call over 200,000 phones with a pre-recorded digital message.Authorities figure that instant messaging and cell phones would also help as people called each other. This means if a levee broke like in New Orleans or along a major river people would know what is coming? If a train or pipeline breaks people would be told to close their windows, vents and doors.In the event of Bird Flu break out people would be told to stay put as authorities bring in supplies but do not allow the spreading by closing off a city? Keeping people informed and isolated until they can get in vaccines would be most advisable.

In the future as systems get more robust and can handle such capacities, we can protect our citizens from catastrophe. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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