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Promoting Brain Density with Technology

Many people had wondered what made Albert Einstein so smart? How was he able to do all the things he did, when others never could? They wondered if his brain was different, many were sure of it. Upon his death his brain was dissected and it was a normal human brain in ever regard, except it was a little denser. Apparently the density of the brain does assist in allowing it to work more efficiently.I propose that we therefore figure out a way to help brains become denser, buy the use of growth drugs and special use of waves sent into the brain via a device.

Come again, what are you saying here, how can we do that? Well, by promoting Brain Density and growth with Ultra Sound Therapy and Ionic Enhancement. It may be best to encourage this growth during the childhood development and we will need to do a lot more research before we figure out what is and is not possible. But in the end the concept should work and prove to be a very positive thing for the whole of humanity.For instance those who are recruited as International Terrorist Suicide Bombers are generally of lower intelligence. People of lower intelligence are more likely to cause hostile actions in the world.

With the future of technology humans will need to be smarter to be able to sustain employment. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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