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Little Known Facts About Waterbeds And Waterbed Mattress Safety Tips

Whether you're an existing waterbed owner or you're considering to buy a waterbed, the following are some important facts about waterbeds which you don't usually find in the vendor websites or any waterbed stores. Some of the information you're about to read could be shocking that even most existing waterbed owners who have been sleeping for years, are unaware of. Hygiene: Every waterbed salesman will tell you that the waterbed is the most hygienic mattress to sleep on.

While it is true that the sleeping surface of the water mattress which is made of vinyl, can be washed and cleaned, and is free of dust mite, but it still poses a big concern on hygiene to the sleeper. If you're to lift up any corner of a hardside waterbed, you'll probably find heap of hairs, dirt, coins and even dead cockroaches or lizards trapped between the safety liner and the underside of the water mattress. The traditional hardside waterbeds and softside waterbed mattresses are immovable and the empty spaces inside the waterbed foundation boxing and inaccessible area behind the waterbed pedestal, never failed to trap all kinds of insects, spiders, cobwebs, dirt, dust and more. View the picture link below and you'll understand better. Safety: The only safety information you'd probably read on your waterbed manual is a warning that advises you not to allow infants sleep on it.

While it is safe to have a waterbed at home, there are many other precautions you should take note if you do have a water bed at home. Here is a list of safety tips and guidelines for the traditional hardside water bed and softside water mattress you should be aware of: Never allow a child to jump on a waterbed. Jumping may not damage your water mattress but it may cause serious injury if the kid fell off the water bed and hit the ground or its wooden frame. Never allow anyone to go under a water bed. Always keep a watchful eye and do not allow a toddler to crawl under a waterbed. Some waterbed foundation has gaps large enough for a child to crawl underneath the waterbed.

A traditional waterbed can weighs up to a ton, that's 1,000 kg (2,000 pounds) or more. If it collapsed, it could cause fatal injuries. Beside checking for leak, always inspect your waterbed regularly for tell tale sign of its bed frame or pedestal breaking apart. Drain and uninstall your waterbed immediately if you find that your waterbed frame is tilting on one side, center section of water mattress craving in, waterbed pedestal joints do not fit neatly or if you feel anything unusual about your water bed. Moving A Traditional Hardside Waterbed or Softside Waterbed Mattress: Contrary to what most waterbed salesmen tell you that moving a waterbed is easy and fast, the whole process of relocating a waterbed may takes you a full day.

First, you'll need to drain the water mattress, unassembled the waterbed frame, relocate it to the new site, assemble the waterbed frame and finally filled it up with water. A motorized pump is needed to drain the water mattress. Even with the pump, it could takes you as long as 30 minutes to an hour or more, and to completely drain the water mattress is not an easy job. The last few gallons of water in the water mattress is the most difficult to be pumped out.

You'll probably need some skill and fundamental knowledge of how a pump works in order to completely drain the remaining water inside the water mattress. A power drill and some basic tools, pliers, mallet, measuring tape, additional screws and brackets are also needed to facilitate the disassembly and re-installation of the waterbed. Filling the water mattress may seems to be an easy job but if it is not done correctly, you may end up with a lopsided water mattress.

In the case of a semi wave or waveless water mattress, the fiber and foam inside the water mattress may become entangled and turned into a lump if you're not careful or unsure of how to lift the water mattress correctly. Once the fiber or foam inside the water mattress gets entangled, you'll end up with a damaged water mattress beyond repair. If you're relocating and you engage any professional house mover to move your household furniture, your house mover will outsource furniture like the piano and waterbed to a piano relocation specialist and the professional waterbed installer respectively to do the jobs. Do you see the point, even your professional house mover will not attempt to do the job by their own staffs who are strong and well trained in the field of relocating household items, do you think you should risk installing or moving the waterbed yourself. If you decide to invest in a waterbed, it is advisable that you include a budget to engage a professional waterbed installer to do the job.

So sit back, let the professional installer do it and enjoy your sleep when it's done.

Hardside waterbed and softside water mattress important safety guidelines you must know before you buy, to find out, go to www.amazing-infolink.com/water-beds.html

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