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Lip balm addiction myth or reality

The problem of chapped lips is quite common especially during winter and it is one of the commonest problems to affect an individual during the cold winter months. The most effective means of dealing with such cold sores or cracked skin upon the lips is by applying lip balms. At present there are several companies manufacturing lip balms and these are considered to be extremely effective in dealing with chapped lips. However, one must not confuse lip balms with lipsticks or lip gloss. These are more of cosmetic products while lip balms are composed of elements having moisturizing and medical properties to enable smooth lips. The most common ingredients of lip balms include petroleum jelly, menthol, camphor, scented oils and beeswax.

Vitamin E components are also quite useful in these cases. The popularity of lip balms has also encouraged the manufacturers to introduce lip balms in different flavors. Over the years especially in recent times, with the use of lip balms becoming rampant, a question has plagued experts and medical practitioners over and over again. It is the issue of lip balm addiction.

It has been revealed upon a lot of research that there are various individuals who apply lip balms as a constant habit in regular intervals whether or not they suffer form dryness of lips. Another popular trend that has also been noticed id that while a certain section apply these lip balms regularly, the problem of chapped lips has been persistent. Here what obviously comes into mind is questioning the integrity of the product manufacturer. At this point it must be made clear that this has a connection with continuous lip licking. Certain individuals possess the habit of licking their lips continuously and under such conditions if a lip balm is applied, even before the balm can begin its action on the thin skin sheath of the lips, the licking of the lips remove away the moisturizer element of the lip balm. Therefore it becomes useless.

Therefore in order to ensure proper functioning of the lip balms one must restrain form this habit of continually licking on the lips. Therefore as a result lip balm is applied constantly and in some individuals this continuous application gives rise to addiction as they become used to the taste or refreshing effect of menthol on the lips. However the fact that lip balms are susceptible to addiction has not yet been proved scientifically.

People use high quality lip balm to avoid chapped lips .

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