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IT International Technologies

In the United States' goal to stay a technologically advanced and understanding the number of foreign spies presently in our nation along with the amount of foreign corporate espionage taking place, it makes sense for the United States to keep up with all of the international technologies. This is not to say that we should focus solely on the competition or the foreign markets, but rather I am suggesting that we also monitor these things.Our first and foremost goal should be to remain far ahead of the competition running our own race.

However, when the competition is playing dirty as they presently are, it behooves us to stay ahead of the game. Whether it be nanotech, biotech, new materials, robotics, quantum physics, energy, weapons systems or aerospace, we must control the leakage of our cutting edge technologies. It is unfortunate that in the year 2006 to the human race is not come together in a common cause, but rather is engaged in the protection of intellectual property and the stealing of new ideas, concepts and the leading-edge technologies.There are some technologies that the United States has determined not to be in the interests of our nation and therefore we do not engage in such research.

I am speaking of chemical and biological warfare, cloning and certain forms of embryonic stem cell research. Of course, the United States of America, your universities in the research and development of private enterprise is not limited, as there are hundreds of other new technologies waiting to be explored and exploited both for profit and solving some of mankind's biggest dilemmas.As the race for space heats up amongst nations we will see more and more plagiarism, copycatting and technology spying. The race for space involves many nations; for instance the United States of America, Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, UK, UAE, just to name a few. We have already seen corporate espionage take place between these nations, were sensitive technology, research and data has changed hands without financial compensation or permission from the company, University or government agency that all such intellectual property.

Of course in the present period they should not surprise anyone, as mankind has been borrowing, copying and stealing technology throughout the recorded history of mankind. Humans among other things are very good at imitation in fact imitation is said to be the greatest formal flattery. Let's face it humans copy each other, mimic each other's actions and been that they are you lazy creature; they would rather get something for nothing then work or to produce it, make it, design it and build it.Without further condemnation of the human species in their cunning, thieving and deception it is readily apparent that if you have something another human or group of humans wants that they will find a way to get it. Thus the spies, the lies and tries to do so, should be expected.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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