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Is There A Radical Gay Fringe And If So Why Do You Suppose That Is

Some believe there is a radical gay fringe element like the eco-terrorists? Is there? Hard to say, because any such group would want to remain secret wouldn't they? But if there is why would there be such a group anyway? Why would a group be radical like that?.I think the fringe exists because they got tired of being called names and harassed so they form little grouping to protect themselves, like gangs, troops or packs and they are fighting back at society and using basic seek and destroy targeting and profiling like LRRPs in the field. I think it is a defense mechanism, turned offence with young energy to burn. That is my assumption of course.

Societies always have had to deal with their young men, perhaps why humans and civilizations have wars, just for the hell of it.I think all of America is being very tired of being called homophobic or afraid of their feelings or some other BS. I know I am tired of it. But when Americans do not understand why they are saying this, they may get upset and call these folks a name or something. Thus further exacerbating the problem and creating a bigger future problem. People disrespected generally seek some sort of revenge and if you consider the amount of disrespect aimed at the gay community you can understand why a small group might form a group to take law into their own hands.

So consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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