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Is Massage Therapy School For You

Is massage therapy school training for you? Well, there are many career paths in holistic health and alternative medicine. Which one you choose depends largely on your own interests. I'm not a massage therapist, but I'd guess that to be one, you'd have to be comfortable working very closely ON people.

You'd probably also have to be in relatively good physical condition with strong hands and a good endurance level. If you've ever had a professional massage, you've seen that there's a lot of standing involved and hand manipulation that must surely require a high degree of strength and stamina. Have you ever tried to massage someone for 60 minutes straight? It's certainly not that easy! With that said, however, massage school training could very well be perfect for you.

Especially if you love working with people and find fulfillment in having a very positive effect on their overall well-being. There are few other professions that people look toward with such good feelings! After all, who doesn't love a good massage? What to look for in a massage school As with any career path, it is important to do your research before hand. Talk to local massage professionals and ask how they got into the field. What type of massage training did they receive? Did they find that their training had prepared them thoroughly for their job? Or did they wish that other components would have been added to their course to make their training more effective, better preparing them for the reality of their first job in the massage indusry? Ask about professional massage therapist organizations that you should be aware of, accreditations in the massage field, etc.

Visit websites of massage school listings and review many sites before making a decision of which school to attend. Don't forget to check with the Better Business Bureau too to make sure that there have been no problems with your massage school of choice. Single complaints are not much to be concerned with in most cases. Even the best of schools can have one now and then - that's just the nature of providing a service - some people are never satisfied and love to complain about every little thing. What you should be concerned with is if there are several marks over a short period of time.

That would indicate a trend and you should investigate the massage school in more detail (talk to past graduates, employers who hire graduates, etc.), or choose another massage school with a better record. Like every other important life goal.

It's important that once you've made the decision to begin a career as a massage professional, that you get started right away and work toward your goal. It's too easy to procrastinate, so don't put it off if it's really something you want to do!. About the author: Stephen Rinaldi is Education and Marketing Director of Karma-Net and the BBI Network. For more details on online education or massage school listings, visit http://www.Karma-Net.

com, the massage school listings page, http://www.karma-net.com/listings/massage-schools.

htm - or our new Massage Therapy School Info site, http://www.massage-therapy-school-info.com This article may be freely reprinted online, provided that the article is reprinted in its entirety without alteration and includes this entire message intact.

2005 Stephen Rinaldi - BBI / Karma-Net. All International Rights Reserved. .

By: Stephen Rinaldi

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