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If you're fed up with your children being treated as a number and not as people, the home school route may be the best way to go. The decision to pull a child out of a public or private school and offer them lessons at home is a huge one. Inasmuch, it should not be taken lightly and it's imperative for parents to fully analyze the situation before rushing into a decision. That said, the home school route is chosen by families all over the world for a number of reasons. And while parents will serve the role as full-time educators in addition to parents, this doesn't necessarily mean they need to be adept at every subject that will be presented.

Before deciding whether to pull a child out of school to go the home school route, ask yourself a few questions and be very honest about the answers: * Are you willing to dedicate the time necessary to properly school your youngster? * Do you have enough discipline to ensure that lessons are conducted on a regular basis? * Are you willing to enforce the rules of the road to ensure you child's educational experience doesn't suffer? This mean "teaching" them and not doing their work for them. * Do you and your child/children have the kind of relationship that lends itself to a home school experience? This means, in a nutshell, will your child listen to you, learn from you and actually gain from the experience? * Can you afford the expenses that will go along with a home school education? Since you won't have an entire school at your disposal, there might be expenses in relation to books, lesson plans, learning tools and more. Consider this carefully before you jump in. If you've decided you and your child can handle the home school route, the best places to turn for advice on getting started are local home schooling groups and the school district itself.

You will need to know what your child must accomplish to be considered successfully home schooled by your state or local educating authority. It is imperative that your child be on par with the standards or future educational pursuits might be jeopardized. Smart parents in a number of locales have banned together to make the home school experience better for themselves and their children.

There are support groups and alliances available where parents can trade off teaching youngsters different subjects and also still make sure their children receive the socialization benefits they need. For example, one parent might be particularly good at teaching calculus while another excels in advanced composition. These parents can work with each other's children on these subjects. The children, too, will benefit from seeing other youngsters in an educational setting. Home schooling is a route chosen by thousands of families across the country. It doesn't necessarily mean shutting a child off from the world or making sacrifices in socialization.

Before diving in make sure you can handle the job and seek out what help and advice is available in your area. If handled properly the home school experience can be a great one for the child and the entire family that can lead to college and beyond for the youngster when it's completed. .

By: Ray La Foy

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