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Government Student Loan Consolidation

Government Student Loan Consolidation: Is It The Solution For You? Students across the country are jumping on the government student loan consolidation bandwagon. And for good reason! Whether you are still in school, a graduate, unemployed or comfortably employed you can save thousands through a government student loan consolidation by locking in record low interest rates before they go up. If you need to reduce your monthly student loan payments by extending the amount of time you have to pay your debt, a government student loan consolidation may be the solution for you. If your loans are in default you may still reap the benefits of a government student loan consolidation. Benefits include protecting your credit rating, saving money by locking in lower interest rates or lower monthly payments. On the other hand, a government student loan consolidation may not be the answer for you if you're nearing the end of your repayment term.

There's not a lot of 'cents' in spending your valuable time rearranging your loan portfolio, especially if it means extending the amount of time you have to pay off your debt. If you can manage your existing monthly payments stick with it because you will save money over the long term. .

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