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Dont Get Scammed When Applying For A Scholarship

Millions of students apply for various scholarships every year. But it would be na´ve from anybody's part to believe that all scholarship advertisements are indeed genuine. We live in a bad world, amid lots of bad people, who are prying for an opportunity to dupe their fellow beings for some fast bucks. Hence, every prospective student who dreams a scholarship must be at his own guard regarding the genuinity of the scholarship for which he/she applies.

In other words, he/she must consider every possibility of a scam so as not to get scammed even by accident. This article ? how not to get scammed - stresses on some common symptoms of a fraudulent scholarship, and the steps the applicant should consider taking in order to avoid getting caught in the wrong side.Here we discuss certain telltale signs that are typical of a scam. But, the occurrence of these signs necessarily does not mean fraud always. However, a combination of few of these may very well point towards a possible scam, and hence one should take care not to fall prey to such traps.

A scholarship can mostly be a scam if the applications involve fees. Legitimate scholarship sponsors do not solicit a fee. The point is - Be Cautious if there is a Fees Involved.

In the internet, one could find umpteen number of private scholarship providers and it is a gruesome task to separate cheese and chalk. Hence it would be prudent to seek the advice from any trusted source such as the financial aid administrator at a local college or university, your high school guidance counselor or the local reference librarian.One can reliably verify the existence of a company by calling the directory assistance. If they are not listed, then their legitimacy is circumspect.

One can look for listings in BigBook, Switchboard, Yahoo People Search or WhoWhere.Do not reveal your social security number, account numbers and other critical information to strangers. If the scholarship sponsor is legitimate, then they have no business of asking your personal information other than your academic credentials and extra curricular grades.If somebody approaches you, in the first place, get every bit of offers, promises and guarantees in writing. In other words, do not take any verbal promises.Asking the organization about the source from which they got your name is a useful check of their credential and identity.

Remember, the College Board, for example, will give the mailing list only to universities and colleges and carefully selected non-profit tax-exempt foundations. Verify the information they provide with the source to make sure their authenticity.Take care to keep Photostat copies of all correspondence with the company and other promotional materials they might have sent you. If the organization turns out to be fraudulent, include these documents as well in the complaint to the law enforcement agency.

Above all, trust your instincts. If you get any inkling that something is amiss with a particular offer, don't proceed until all concerns are addressed. Our brain is a super computer and it cannot go wrong when it comes to discerning things.

.Finding the scholarships you needs is a difficult task. We've put together a very useful video that will help you find the scholarships you need. Go to Scholarship Application for more information.

By: Dominic Ferrara

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