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It seems like so many people these days are interesting in going back to school to further their careers, but are nervous about the validity of the degree they might earn. Two leading education organizations have solved this problem by creating UCEAdirectory.org (http://www.UCEAdirectory.

org), a free, informative directory of accredited adult continuing education programs online. The site was created by the University Continuing Education Association (UCEA) and Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU) to provide students with access to a trustworthy array of on-campus and online associate, baccalaureate, graduate and certificate programs.

"UCEA works with its member institutions to increase access to high quality continuing education programs for all students," says Roger Whitaker, UCEA president and dean of the College of Professional Studies at The George Washington University. "UCEAdirectory.org will help us further this mission by providing a trusted resource for prospective students to locate credible programs that meet their interests." The goal of this accredited adult continuing education programs online directory is to ease the often arduous process of finding the ideal program by offering vital information on schools that have earned the highest level of accreditation. This means that it has been certified as acceptable by one of the six nationally-recognized accrediting organizations in the country, including: -Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools -New England Association of Schools and Colleges -North Central Association of Colleges and Schools -Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities -Western Association of Schools and Colleges -Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (www.

msche.org) "This is an exciting time for continuing one's education because there are so many options available," says Lori Faunce, UCEAdirectory.org manager. "The trick is in finding the right school with the right opportunity that will offer the right degree.

We hope UCEAdirectory.org will make this task easier, and that potential students who come to the site will feel secure knowing that every program has earned the highest level of accreditation available." To insure fairness, every UCEA member can have its programs listed on UCEAdirectory.org for free, creating an extensive collection of continuing education programs. If you are interested in earning a solid education you should go to http://www.UCEAdirectory.

org. Once there, you can search via degree level, format, subject and, if applicable, zip code, and this new accredited adult continuing education programs online directory will also offer helpful advice. The most important element of the website, however, is its directory of regionally-accredited programs offered by UCEA members. Over 17 million American adults are currently continuing their education. The decision to join them should be exciting, not risky.


By: UCEAdirectory.org

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