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D Simulations in the Virtual Real World

Virtual Real Worlds can be created to provide realistic 3D simulations for education, work, and entertainment. This article aims to show the scope, principles, advantages, and benefits of using 3D simulations in a Virtual Real World environment to meet your own requirements.Virtual Real Worlds shall be rich in content and accuracy (texture, ambience, models, etc.) containing real 3D simulations; these have proven to be an ideal environment for collaboration and fast learning.

The flexibility of the Virtual Real World system stems from the initial design decision to separate style from content; this allows a standard design to be used as the basis for many Virtual Real World scenarios.Today's Predicament..Work, education, and leisure have been strongly affected by fast networks, computer, communications and virtual environment technologies;.3D technologies used for entertainment purposes are far more captivating than traditional classrooms and on-line (2D) education;.

3D computer simulations have been under-utilized for instruction/teaching purposes.3D Simulations as educational tools..

3D simulations allow users to see, hear, and react to the situations and consequences of their (and their peers') actions and decisions;.3D simulations diminish the apathy and boredom that affects many users when confronted by 2D objects;.3D simulations allow instructors and trainers to apply differences easily in learning styles.Virtual Real Worlds..

Provide a 3D simulation that is shared, experientially rich, and has a graphically attractive environment;.Provide opportunities for collaboration and interpersonal and social communication among the participants;.Contribute to the user's educational experience by facilitating an interactive interface with:.1. The technology on which the 3D simulation is based;.2.

The instructional content and material;.Virtual Real World learning experiences..Virtual real worlds provide two types of experience:.1. The learning that occurs as a result of being immersed in a virtual real world;.

2. Learning process that happens as a result of being involved and as an active participant in the virtual real world.Learning from a Virtual Real World..

Multimodal learning process; users learn from all the other entities and objects in the virtual real world;.Digital actors allow users to have experiences in different roles and as different characters.Active Learning Principle: Users are quickly able to apply the principles and contents in the virtual real world;.Semiotic Domain Principle: there is a process of learning associated with the rules of behavior and the new environment;.Psychosocial Moratorium Principle: Users can take risks ("what if scenarios") without being penalized;.

Probing Principle: Participants can explore multiple strategies and learn from the immediate feedback from their virtual peers;.Discovery Principle: Participants can experiment and make new discoveries from which they can learn more content;.Affinity principle: Users learn from interactions with their peers, they form affinity groups and close ties or bonds that happen from having shared experiences;.

Transfer principle: Mistakes made can be avoided and therefore need apply only those that resulted in successful outcomes in the virtual real world.About the Author.

.Ken spent most of his previous life defining systems engineering processes within the aerospace industry. He now spend most of his time researching and establishing 3D techniques to aid learning and communication. Having seen the problems first hand of introducing new concepts and ideas via the standard 2D techniques (classroom, paper, presentations, etc.

)a better way must be possible. See http://www.mellanium.

com for more information.

By: Ken Rigby

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