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Birthdays Famous Ones Part I

In this article we're going to go over some birthdays that we celebrate even though they're not ours or even somebody we know. Birthdays. Some of us, especially if we're young, look forward to them. Others, especially if we're not so young, look at birthdays as a day of doom.

But most people can probably agree that celebrating somebody else's birthday is always fun because you get to have your cake and eat it too, without aging that horrible year. And the best other person's birthdays to celebrate are those who's parties we don't even have to attend, most likely because they are no longer walking among us. Instead we can have our own celebration in any manner shape or form that we like. We can go where we like and do what we like. It's kind of like being a kid let loose in a candy or toy store. So, what are some of the more fun birthdays to celebrate? Well, if you live in the United States of America there are two right off the bat that bring smiles to just about everyone's faces, especially if you work for the government.

That would be the birthdays of Abe Lincoln and George Washington, the father of our country. Of course we kind of got cheated on these in recent years as we no longer celebrate them individually. Now it's called President's day so we get only one day to enjoy ourselves. But what a day it is. Regardless of when their actual birthdays fall, we always celebrate them on a Monday, which gives us a three day weekend. This is a time to pack up the family and go away for a few days.

Or if vacationing isn't your thing, there is always the sales that take place around now. The malls and shops are loaded with bargains. In case you're wondering why we celebrate Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, well, there's many reasons. Probably the most notable are the following: Washington not only led us to victory in the Revolutionary War against the British but he was also our very first President. If that doesn't deserve having people remember your birthday then nothing does. As for Lincoln, well, he did a little thing like free the slaves.

Not only that, but he was the only President in our history who had to referee a war on our soil between our own people. No other President had to live through a more difficult time as far as the United States' history is concerned. Thus, because of the great things that these two men have done, we as a people of the United States, have earned the right to be lazy, sit in front of the TV and watch basketball games, go shopping, eat like pigs and maybe try to remember just why we're getting to celebrate these great men's birthdays in the first place. In our next article in this series we'll go over another great birthday to celebrate, one that is everybody's favorite. .

By: Michael Russell

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