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Artificial Intelligent Super Computers in Aerospace Concept Designing

Can we replace all of our aeronautical engineers with artificially intelligent supercomputers to help us design the perfect aircraft combinations? Aircraft, which are capable of vertical flight, maneuverability and incredible performance are the main goal of aerospace design in aviation. As we look into designs of the best performing aircraft, we see a lot of copying going on and not a lot of new designs. If aerospace engineers and aeronautical researchers are constantly copying each other how can we make super breakthroughs in design?.

If we allow artificially intelligent supercomputers to come up with designs, without giving them too many parameters then perhaps we stand a better chance at making a breakthrough we're seeking. Every aircraft is a trade-off you can build an aircraft to carry a lot of weight, but in doing so often you limit its speed and end up creating more drag then you had hoped. An aircraft built for speed usually as body lines that make it uncomfortable to ride in. but if we allow a supercomputer with artificial intelligence to work of a problem, perhaps it will come up with a new design not like anything a human would build, but rather something radically new and different. After all do we really care that it looks like what airplane is supposed look like or are we more concerned with the performance parameters that we set? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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