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Artificial Intelligent Android Human Hybrids and Amino Acids

The merging of man in machine is something that bothers many people to talk about. There are many reasons for this and one concerns religious belief systems. For instance if the human energy which runs the body and makes all this work connecting the brain in the body is considered a soul, then how can you add a bunch of robotic parts and expected to work.

Without complicating the issue in understanding that whether we like it or not the researchers are moving towards the merging of man in machine. And that means robotic artificially intelligent androids and add on body parts will be available in the coming decades. Already researchers are working on ways to hook the human brain up to a computer, even the Internet. If you consider for a second that the human brain works on a very extremely low-frequency and the nerves are fired thru electrical impulses, then hooking it all up together is not so difficult to understand.However there are certain things the body does in certain things that the body needs.

The body produces chemicals which one biological systems and if we add robotic parts, then he eventually we run into problems of not having the proper body parts to make the chemicals the body needs to run. For instance the production of amino acids and the uses of these chemicals in the body will need to be regulated. But if the human brain is hooked up to a computer and many of the body parts are robotic then there is a problem with the production of those amino acids. Yet, as the human brain part of the merger has less to do, as much of it will be done by the computer brain, then the human brain will be better be alleviated of its bandwidth requirements and be able to do more.

If the brain is properly fed with the chemicals it desires then it can do even more.The production of chemicals in the body and brain may be a significant hurdle in the merging of man in machine, although it may be the answer to preventing rejection of the add all robotic body parts as well as the answer cooperative systems between man in machine. Although this is an introductory thought I hope you'll think on this in 2006.


"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.


By: Lance Winslow

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