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Students Breathe New Life into Learning - Guess what action you've performed more often than any other in your life? Is it eating? Sleeping? Crying? Laughing?.

Defense System for Protecting Oil Refinery Assets Against Enemy UAVs - During the cold war we had a some very good anti-aircraft and land based mobile missile defense systems.

Graduation Slideshows - Slideshows for graduations are a very beautiful way to show the graduate how very proud you are of him or her.

The Distance Learning Explosion - A generation ago few would have given much thought to educating themselves apart from a 'brick and mortar' educational institution.

Randomizing Class Choices Breaking Up the Monotony - Much has been said and written lately about providing students with choices.

University of Phoenix criminal justice overview The programs - The University of Phoenix Online offers only two criminal justice and law enforcement programs, one undergraduate and the other graduate.

Electro Magnetic Fields and the Human BioSystem - Are we hurting our Human Bio-Systems with too many electronic gadgets around us? Cell phones, microwave ovens, radios, satellite TV, computers, WiFi, WiMax, radar detectors, automatic door openers, iPods, burglar alarms and electrical appliances a.

Get It Out Of Your Head And Into a Mind Map - Do you ever feel like you have some great ideas, but when you sit down to write them, they're not so great? Or even worse, you can't really get a sense of what the ideas were? In one of my graduate student coaching groups we have been discussing the.

Hidden College Costs Roommate Conflict - Parents, if you?re already reeling from the costs of today?s college education, take a deep breath.

WARNING College Stress Buster Secrets Professors Dont Know and Parents Cant Tell - You're not alone.

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