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Learn How to Select a Diamond - WhiteFire Diamond Engagement Rings and Custom Jewelry Store speaks on the 4Cs of diamond buying: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

The Value of Online Nursing Programs - An online nursing program might initially sound like impracticability: of all the health services, nursing is arguably the most hands-on of the lot.

Changing Color of Robotic Insect Swarms InFlight - In the future the military will have new secret weapons into one of these weapons might be robotic insect swarms to attack the enemy.

A Students Guide to Writing Reference Lists - No matter what type of paper you're writing, be it a literature review, research report, summary, or analysis, rest assured that you'll be required to name your sources.

Can We Use Sound Waves to Make Locusts Crash When Swarming - Is there a way to cause all the locusts in a locust plague or swarm to crash? Can we cause structural failure in their wings using directed sound waves or sound energy? This subject was recently brought up in an online think tank while brain storm.

The Top Four Ways To Pay For Your College Degree - One of the most stressful things about pursuing a college education is figuring out how that you're going to pay for your college degree.

Artificially Intelligent Robots and the Future of Robotic Assistants - Many science fiction movies and genres have pitted man against machine in a potential eventuality of a future conflict.

Online University Degree - Pursuing an online university degree enables individuals to pursue further education without commuting, at a suitable pace and at a much lower cost than the brick-and-mortar universities can offer.

Tips on How to Survive College Life - Starting a new life, college life, can seem a bit strange and it is important that you learn a few tips and tricks to be sure you will survive and also enjoy college life.

Creating the Acceptable College Applicant - America?s colleges and universities no longer have enough room to accommodate all the qualified students who apply.

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