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Animal Mind Communication

It is widely expected that animals communicate with each other using brain waves rather than voice. In fact much of the behavior of animals in large groups, swarms, schools, flocks and troops seem to indicate that there is non-verbal communication going on which is in much greater detail than once thought.It would make sense from an evolutionary standpoint that those species which relied on their safety in numbers would also have developed was to quickly communicate with each other to survive.

Indeed it appears in watching the behavior of herds that many of the animals all look up at the same time when one animal catches a glimpse of something triggering an anomaly reaction of curiosity, fear or alert. Are these animals tuned in their minds to the same frequency and therefore connected through a global consciousness in their local group?.Many books and research papers have been written on this subject and some have noticed that vulture type birds may fly from up to 60 miles away after one bird finds a dead animal to eat, yet we know there is no way for these birds to communicate via verbal techniques at that distance; so how do they do this?.What we need is to do more research and figure this out and use the eyes and ears of nature to help us, along with technically assisted UAV robotic craft to help us with surveillance and defeating our enemy.

Once completed, we can thank the birds with the spoils of war, namely road kill enemies to eat. Think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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