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An LPN to RN Bridge Online Degree Program Explained

An LPN to RN bridge online degree program is an educational program that a licensed practical nurse can take to earn a higher degree in nursing. This degree qualifies the student nurse to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The NCLEX is a required examination that all nursing graduates must take and pass to become a licensed registered nurse in the US. Is the move from LPN to RN a feasible career direction for you to take? Yes. There is a growing scarcity of registered nurses.

One that a World Health Report- 2003 (WHO) acknowledged: "The most critical issue facing health care systems is the shortage of people who make them work". In the USA today, statistics show that there is a population on ratio of 773 nurses for around 100,000 patients (The Global Nursing Review Initiative-2005). Clearly, there is a wealth of job opportunities for an LPN looking for career advancement as an RN in the health care industry. As an RN, you will gain better autonomy. You will also be in the best position to assume a leadership role and substantially increase their ability to earn. Is there one particular LPN to RN bridge online nursing degree program that you should be looking to join? No - the one that works is a program you have designed for yourself.

As an active LPN, you will be juggling a fulltime job while studying. The first step then is to evaluate your personal circumstances and your career goals. Ask yourself these questions: How will you be able to devote sufficient time to learning, while functioning at work and participating in your family's lives? Can you rely on your family's support to take on or rotate some of these domestic tasks with you? Second step - inform the human resources department about your career plans. Their assistance will help you several ways: 1.

Rescheduling work shifts. 2. Recommendations and guidance on hospital supported programs, as many hospitals offer tuition reimbursements.

3. Assist you in securing a position in your workplace, for your clinical learning experiences. This is a requirement of both online and offline nursing programs. Third step - do an engine search for the different schools. Check out their programs.

Submit your accomplishments to the accredited schools and then compare which among these will give you the most credits to becoming an RN. Most virtual schools give 30 credits to licensed practical nurses. Last step - Once you have selected the program to enroll in, use the school's resources. Most schools will assign you a guidance counselor to assist you with the application process, identify financial aid resources, and help you create a schedule that suits your work and personal schedules. This will help you on your path to bridge the LPN to RN career path. .

By: mansi gupta

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