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Airfoil Solar Shaped Roofs for Florida Hurricane Belt

Did you know that the Sunny State of Florida is using some of that Sun to help them increase their energy efficiency? It is true, in fact the University of Central Florida has a program called the "Florida Solar Energy Center" which is encouraging Flordians to get rooftop installed solar panels. They are careful help residence in finding certified installers. This is wonderful news.Now then, I propose that these solar panels are recessed or set up in a way to prevent them from blowing away in the next big Category III or Higher Hurricane.

Perhaps the solar panels can be shaped like spoilers on Indy Cars that actually help keep the roof on the home and press down as the wind blows instead of coming apart and flying away? That would be a great idea indeed. The more people who are on solar energy the better the chances of having energy in the aftermath of a large Category Hurricane you see?.Solar Energy in Florida makes a lot of sense, just like it does in Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico where it is always sunny. The Great State of Florida is on the leading edge of solar research and market driven solutions bringing power and energy efficiency to the people. Not only does Sunny Florida bring us great citrus thanks to the Sun it may soon be able to power its self into the future of Solar Energy. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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