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Aerodynamic Discussion of Wind Flows in Urban Settings

Due to the way that human civilizations have developed in urban downtown metro areas we find that the wind severely increases between the buildings. With increased wind speeds between buildings we can take advantage of the Bernoulli Principal and install wind generators between the buildings. How so you ask?.By placing semi-rigid and somewhat flexible cables spanning between the buildings, which work off special sensors, which gauge the direction and speed of the wind and to move accordingly to face the natural flow of the wind; we can make this idea a reality. Although the total amount of energy needed to run an entire city may not be fully possible with wind generation from between the buildings, it still might be possible to generate a large percentage of what is needed.

I propose on each of the flexible cables no less than 10 large fan bladed wind turbine generators be mounted. Since the city requires very little energy at night, but the wind still blows, we can collect the energy and store it in very large ion lithium batteries underneath the ground.During the peak times of the day were energy use in much demand; the batteries will help keep up with the large demand. Although the idea of wind generation using the faster speed of the wind between buildings is not new, I believe that with a little extra engineering and sliders on each building, with telescopic semi-rigid cables will allow such a system to work. Of course we must also be weary of disruption of WiFi signals from fan blades and thus chose materials carefully as well. Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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