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Adrenaline Regulation in Organic Combination Artificial Intelligent Androids

In the future there will be merging of man and machine and in doing so machine brains, many commands, organic parts, and organic brains will control machine parts. For instance currently combat veterans who have been severely injured or have lost a limb now are retrofitted with prosthesis devices, which can be controlled through muscle movement, nerve control, and brain waves. We are just now learning how to use the electromagnetic impulses of the nerves and in the brain to control that which is not human.

And indeed soon we will be able to control that which is human using only a machine. Thus it is obvious to see were all this is going.Now then it is rather obvious that certain alloys and carbon nanotube construction is harder and thicker than bone. In fact be human shell is soft and can be problematic for things like policing or military use. This is why bulletproof vests are worn.

Now that we know that, how can we use the organic parts of emerging of man and machine better? Can we perhaps designed our machine part of such a merger to regulate adrenaline when needed? Can we upon will increase the adrenaline to superhuman strength so that the organic part of the man machine merger is not the weakest link? Indeed it should be possible. Whether or not you wish to consider such things is no consequence because the future will soon be here like it or not. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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