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Accelerating Beacon Recognition

Preventing mid-air collisions in non-controlled airspace is paramount. Most aircraft have strobe lights and beacons, but sometimes they do not register with the other pilot in time or they are not seen in time. We therefore need a way to intercommunicate between aircraft.If an aircraft has reflective skin at certain angles facing pilot blind spots then these reflective pieces could amplify the lights send them to another reflective piece and then into the cockpit.

How can we be sure the beacons will still be seen? Well by including on the mirrors a coating, which amplified the light wave in that specific spectrum. Each strobe light would be a certain spectrum with an extra pulse.Large and or faster aircraft would have a certain color. Military Aircraft while in US Airspace would also use this color. While small aircraft traffic would use a different color. This would help to prevent mid-air collisions and save lives and increase air travel safety.

Eventually I see a future when the aircraft will all have artificial intelligence and be talking to them selves and insure and prevent mid-air collisions and indeed we will also see this in surface transportation with net-centric automobiles. But for a temporary situation during the next couple of decades a simple and careful use of beacons could prevent light aircraft with less sophisticated systems from being involved in mid-air collisions. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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