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Accelerating Battle Situational Awareness Research

In the future of modern warfare battlespace situational awareness is the key. In fact as things speed up to light speed with new weaponry in the net-centric robotic wars of the future the team with the best and most accurate information stands a greater chance of survival. If you see your enemy before he sees you he is as good as dead, but if he sees you first, you could be a goner for certain.This puts situational awareness above all.

That is to say above fire-power, accuracy, training, systems, strategy and the latest technologically advanced equipment. As once you are dead it really does not matter what type of tank you are driving, how much it costs, who built it or how new the thing is you see? Since I find no one to argue this point with as it is merely stating the obvious, let me move to my next point and that is in the future fighting force both on our side and the copy cat equipment of our enemy we will have needs to detect that currently we do not have.For instance if a tank, convoy or other piece of equipment gives off little or no heat due to excellent use of efficiency or use of another source of energy such as batteries, we will need to have sensors which can see the unseen, cloaked, invisible and ambient temperature equipment of the enemy.

How can we do this?.Well we need to detect the convoys, tanks and equipment from its electromagnetic field and sense its batteries. That is technology we need right now and must put forth research dollars to making it possible to allow us to remain the leader in the net-centric battlespace situational awareness realm. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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