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Accelerating Atmospheric Research to Control Weather

We all know the devastation that weather can cause. Here in the United States we have certainly had more than our fair share of it in the last few years. For instance the 2004 and 2005 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Seasons. Then the Flooding in the North East and California Mudslides too; of course Tornado Season has been getting progressively worse as well each year.

In fact the number of reported Tornatic Cells increased in each of the last 3-years to set all time high records for the most Tornadoes.Prior to all this we had severe droughts in the Western Mid-West and Western States. The droughts were so severe in some states they worried about the ability to fight wildfires or maintain drinking water supplies.

With El Nino and La Nina Seasons exacerbated the extreme weather appears to be rather intense. Most atmospheric scientists tell us of cycles and weather patterns yet what we really need is a way to control it all.It is quite conceivable that within the coming decade mankind will indeed figure out how to control the weather once and for all. Mastering the weather can only be done in the present period if we fully understand it. I therefore believe it is paramount to increase our studies and we need to be accelerating Atmospheric Research to Control Weather.

If we do this now we can save billions by preventing crop failures, which could impact our growing of Ethanol for fuel and help us better feed the world. Consider the implications if we don't and the possibilities if we do.

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By: Lance Winslow

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