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Accelerating Affordable Artificial Intelligent Systems

The future of artificial intelligent machines to assist human beings is coming our way, unfortunately these systems are way to costly for the average citizen and thus the chances of seeing them in our home robots or personal computer systems will be a while. But if the technology exists now, why should we be forced to wait? Patience may be a virtue, although it certainly is not one I aspire too. How about you? No I didn't think so.In fact you want this latest and greatest technology now don't you? Well so do I. And I believe we could in fact have it sooner than later if those who are designing and writing code for artificial intelligence would get busy and start licensing there newest and latest to the those industries and companies which make all our electronic gadgets and appliances and even all our US Automakers too. Artificially intelligent systems will help conserve fuel keep the systems in our cars efficient and promote safety.

The key here is to keep the costs for these systems affordable and allow those who produce it royalties on the shear economies of scale rather than only allowing high-end systems for NASA, Military, Government and high-tech industry the benefits. In the long run those who produce it will make more money and mankind will be better served. I believe that there is ample historical case study to make my point so, I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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