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Abatement of Accumulated Air Pollution After Terrorist Attack

Smart heads up thinkers are busy trying to guess what type of International Terrorist attack the scum of the Earth might try next. We know that they seem to like chemicals and gasses and we also know that they like to blow stuff up.In either of such events; whether it be an attack on a chemical plant, the release of toxic gases or blowing something up, we need to have a plan to clean the air, understand the velocity and direction of the flow and the possible dispersion of the gas cloud as well.You see, abatement of any and all localized and accumulated air pollution of any kind after an International Terrorist attack will indeed be serious and need to be taken care of immediately. Any toxic clouds, which are too big to be controlled or abated will require swift assessment and immediate introduction of a reverse 911 calling plan to evacuate and allow first responders suit up and get ready to deal with survivors.Unfortunately we failed after the Twin Tower bombings and now 19,000 people are dying from the "911 Cough" which put debris in their longs.

Fortunately we learned a very valuable lesson and we know what to do in the future when this happens again. We must control and initiate the abatement of accumulated air pollution after a terrorist attack. Please consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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