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Abandoning Artificial Intelligent Old Robotic Models

What on Earth are we to do with the old android artificial intelligent robots in the future as new models come into existence? We are already worrying about used cell phones, computers and other electronics. Soon when HD TV becomes the standard all the old TVs will also hit the junkyards and landfills. Landfills and dumps, which are already filled. Just imagine as each new rendition and model of android household helpers is upgraded and the old ones are turned off and discarded?.Folks we need a plan of action and one, which makes sense. All robotic engineers need to consider synchronizing parts and making available easy upgrades to memory, motherboards and parts without replacing the basic model.

A few movies on Artificial Intelligence have somewhat addressed this issue, yet we have no idea how big the problem may actually get in the future. It could be the biggest single problem in the landfill industry of the past 200 years.If we consider the issues with today's computers filling up our landfills with toxic waste;.

http://www.texasenvironment.org/news_story.cfm?IID=32.Just think what will happen when the artificially intelligent android and robotic revolution high-tech junk will look like when it piles up? Please Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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