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A World Of Choice In Plus Size Dresses

Shopping should be a pleasure, not a complex, frustrating undertaking. Yet shoppers encounter many nonsensical contradictions that can ruin their experience. For example, should stripes be worn or avoided? There are fool proof rules in the world of fashion, though, and they are guaranteed to give you confidence, whether shopping for or wearing dresses. Here are three of them: Start by considering your strong points. We all have them, so you just need to figure out which ones yours are.

The so-called Gibson Girl figure, with its narrow waist and its wider, curving bosom and hips, has always been considered to be highly attractive on a woman. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have such a shape, take advantage of it and highlight your waistline. Wear your blouses inside your skirts or pants and put a wide belt around your slender middle to call attention to it.

If you are apple shaped and your weight is located in your midsection, you will want to draw attention away from that area. Select designs that draw the eye to other parts of your anatomy. If your legs are really great, wear short dresses. If you've been blessed with a lovely face, pick a blouse with a ruffled neckline, or perhaps a turtleneck. Those items will take attention away from your waistline and up to your smiling face. Don't shy away from prints.

It is an old wives' tale that plus size women should stick to solid colors. Prints add variety, and fun. Also, they too, can be used strategically to dictate where peoples' eyes will land. For instance, if you are a pear shape (smaller on top than on bottom), you can pear a printed top with a solid color skirt. This trick will enhance your top, while minimizing your bottom half. The result is a more balanced look.

The power of the color of the clothes you wear is incredibly important, and no matter how good the style of clothes that you wear, if they're the wrong color you won't look fantastic. Some colors will make you look good, and some will wash you out when you wear them. It is quick and easy to work out the best colors for you at home by yourself, so don't think you need to have it done professionally. You can use a few pieces of solid colored material such as clothes from your closets, towels, linens, fabric, etc, it would make your room a well lit. One at a time, you can hold the pieces up to your face just under your chin.

Each time you switch up the color, you will noticed changes in your face. Undeniably, certain hues will light you up, and some others will makes you appear dull. All of these colors has nothing to do with you, it is all up to your face. So you will noticed, after conducting this experiment, the importance of having flattering colors in your wardrobe should be abundantly clear.

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