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A Broad Range of Wheels Tires for Any Vehicle

When you've been in the custom wheel and tire business as long as I have, you see some pretty funny things. One of the most amusing things I see are ads for custom wheels with a "universal five lug pattern." What the seller is trying to imply is that his set of custom wheels and tires will fit any vehicle with a five-lug pattern. Since there are at least 8 different five-lug bolt patterns that I can think of, it would be impossible to accommodate all of them on one custom wheel! The good new however, is that you can use the same custom wheels and tires on various vehicles that you may have never thought could share parts.

Because of global parts suppliers and "platform" sharing between auto manufactures, many popular vehicles share the same fitment specs. Why is this important? Well, imagine you like the hot custom wheels and tires on this cool cats Chrysler 300C, you may be interested to know that his custom wheels and tires will bolt right on to your Cadillac DTS. Lets say you're into sport-compact cars. You drive a Chevy Cavalier but you really like the look of the cool custom wheels and tires you see on that Subaru WRX. Guess what? They bolt right on to your Chevy. Lets say you want to be really different and you find a rare Volkswagen Phaeton.

The Phaeton is probably one of the most overlooked German Luxury cars of all time. Because of this they can be picked up for far less that their original asking price when new. The interesting thing about the VW Phaeton is that underneath it shares its basic mechanical architecture with the Bentley Continental and the Audi A8! How many Bentley Continentals have you seen with awesome custom wheels and tires? Any of those will bolt right on to the VW, even the 22 inchers. So when you are ready to buy your next set of custom wheels and tires, be sure to speak to an expert that knows fitment. Don't settle for what you see in a catalog.

Ask about alternatives that will make your choice of custom wheels and tires separate you from the "off the rack" type buyer.

Alexander Thomas is a well known author who wirte on the topics related with Hipnotic Wheels, Wheels And Tires and Car Rims for the site www.spoiledcars.com.

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