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We provide a wealth of valuable information for parents on getting the best education for their children. From school searching tips, study habit tips, and education articles - we'll keep you well informed.

Articles for parents

Preparing for your children's first day of school
Ease Your Child into a New Routine. Have him or her go to bed at school-night bedtime a few nights before the first day. Set an alarm clock for the correct school wake-up time.
Try a School Bus Run. Go over your child's school bus route with him or her if it's going to be a first-time bus ride. Find out how long the ride is, and talk about things like bus safety. morning. Read more

A Parent’s guide to homework
Homework tends to receive a mixed press. While some parents complain their children shouldn’t be asked to do work at home until they reach secondary school age, others consider that children, particularly those aged 7 to 11, are not given enough. This article covers the four questions most frequently asked by parents;
  • What is homework?
  • What is its value?
  • How long should it take?
  • What is the best way to help?
  • Read more
Featured Articles
Free Chatlines - Free chatlines that are free for 30 mins or more.

Pearls Natures Treasure From the Sea - Pearls are a beautiful biproduct of a natural mechanism that occurs when mollusks have foreign material present inside them.

Mustika Pearls Mesitka Mutya Geliga Bezoar Stones - Pearls have been adorned by mankind for thousands of years.

Jazz up your English with Fresh and Lively Idioms - English language is loaded with non-standard phrases, which rooted so deeply in its vocabulary that at times cannot be distinguished from the accepted Standard English terms.

College Degrees and Online College Degrees - College degrees are a necessity in today's society where education is needed to make a livable salary or to receive a promotion before another degreed employee receives it.

Abatement Issues in NanoTech Construction - When constructing NanoTubes and other super tiny devices especially those which replicate themselves one has to be careful not to allow them out side the manufacturing facility and into the wild; that is to say outside the building.

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What's the best school for your kids -- public, private or maybe Montessori? Before you start investigating the increasing options, get yourself acquainted with today's terms. Education expert Bruce Hammond explains the differences.

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